Welcoming Spring!

I am super excited that it will be 60+ degrees in Chicago on Thursday. Over the weekend I put away my Valentine’s Decorations and put out my Spring Decor.

Here are the pics:

When I was growing up Easter was a big deal in my family. As kids we would have to memorize Easter Speeches to recite them on church on Easter Sunday, we were always decked out in the flyest, most elaborate dresses and suits (as were most church members in their all white, cream and pastel colored fashions), we would decorate eggs and dye them and we would receive Easter Baskets filled with toys and candy.

Around March 1st, I decorate my home with those traditions in mind. Spring decor for me is all about pastels, whites and creams, eggs, birdies (who I am so excited to hear each morning now chirping away) and flowers.

My decorations come from the following places:

(1) Homegoods

(2) Hobby Lobby

(3) Michaels

(4) JoAnn Craft Stores

I like to use clear glass vases and I change out the fillers depending on the season. As you can see, I purchased packs of plastic eggs and filled up the vases with them.

Outside in my flower pots I have fake flowers purchased at Hobby Lobby. I will keep those flowers out until it is warm enough to decorate with Fresh Flowers. I like to plant my real flowers Mother’s Day weekend or the weekend that immediately follows and they will usually bloom until Halloween. There are some flowers that are perennials and they come back every year. My Hydrangeas always bloom every year although this year I have to prune them so that they do grow large and full when it’s time.

I won’t change out my decorations again until the first official day of Summer which is June 21st.

Here are the holidays that I decorate for:

  • First Day of Fall

  • Thanksgiving (I put out Turkeys and other things that are specific to Thanksgiving)

  • December (Christmas & Kwanzaa decor)

  • Winter (I put away the ornaments and things that are explicitly Christmas and put out my fake snow, snow globes, etc.)

  • Valentine’s Month (I like to put the V-Day stuff out on February 1st)

  • First Day of Spring

Once I put out decorations I keep them out the next holiday that I decorate for. It helps me to keep track of time, to keep perspective and it really gives my home a warm & welcoming vibe. Where are your favorite places to shop? Which holidays do you decorate for?