Closing the gaps



It has been both a blessing and a miracle to watch the ideas from my mind and the desires of my heart crystallize.

As time goes along that process of dreaming > actualizing happens faster and like Oprah I am becoming a “master at manifestation.” From my 12+ career as High School Public School Teacher, to my 6 years as a Social Entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of supporting countless people of all ages on their journeys to achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential.

I have the training, the experience and the tools to help you move the needle toward fulfillment and alignment. Whether you are looking to transition into the world of full-time entrepreneurship, you’ve got a project that you need to complete and would like an accountability partner to support you or you’d like to do some strategic planning around your personal or professional goals I am available and eager to be a part of your life!

Feel free to check out the blog where I provide tons of free resources and inspiration. If you’re interested in booking one on one time with me, we can set up a free 30 minute consultation so that you can determine if I am a good match for you. You can also check out the self-paces classes, workbooks and more in the Store!

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Love & Light,