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We can help you define your project, build and manage a workplan, set KPIs (key performance indicators), and close a project. By delegating us as your Project Manager, you will gain more time to focus on other aspects of your business. This service is particularly useful for ambitious leaders or entrepreneurs who could use support getting a project to the finish line. This service is also useful for the solopreneur who could use a sounding board and/or thought partner to set and achieve business goals.


(1) Meeting Agenda Setting + Documentation Support

(2) Sequencing & Prioritizing Tasks & Activities for a Large or Long-term Project

(3) Network & Resource Engagement & Management

(4) Research (next steps, trends, best practices)


Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s now WHAT you say, but HOW you say it?” We specialize in the HOW of oral and written communications. With over 12 years of experience teaching High School students how to read complex texts and how to write, we have translated those best practices to supporting our clients Communication Projects. Whether you are starting from scratch (How do I deliver an effective presentation?) or you have ideas that feel all over the place, we can help you organize and articulate your intended message to have the desired outcomes on your audience. We also provide Branding, Content Development & Social Media Management services.


(1) Grant Application(s) + Grant Report(s)

(2) Presentation or Workshop Outline, Sequencing & Rehearsal

(3) Fundraising Campaign

(4) Social Media, Blog Posts, Newsletter Content

(5) Cover Letter + Resume Writing

(6) Website Site Map + Content

(7) Brand Audit

(8) Brand Outline

(9) Editing (tone, spelling & grammar, clarity)

(10) Content Calendar

(11) Curriculum Writing & Course Planning


We help social entrepreneurs and the organizations that they run increase and enhance their ability to deliver on their mission.


(1) Strategic Plan

(2) Fundraising/Resource Generation Plan

(3) Program Development

(4) Mission + Vision Statement

(5) Strategic Partnership Planning + Management

(6) Community Engagement

(7) Brand Activations

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In no particular order, below you will find our past & current clients

fitness sports junkie

university of minnesota medical schools

red clay dance company

the tech unicorn

connected to the vine ministries

meagan mcneal

insight news/mcfarlane medium group

+ more

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