Today's Tea w/ Target

I am constantly looking for inspiration. Today, I came across this Tweet from Target and chuckled! Observations of this post:

(1) It utilizes popular culture slang, so it gives this “friendly,” “I’m one of you” vibe.

(2) It’s displayed in a graphically distinct way so it stood out while I was scrolling.

(3) It plays on a common idea about how people spend more money than they want to when they go into Target.

This is a brand that knows it’s customer well.

This single Tweet so far has gotten 558 Comments, 11.1K Retweets and 40K likes. This was also not a sponsored post!

The previous Tweet from 24 hours before only received 7 Comments, 64 Retweets and 310 Likes.

When you think about your brand, think about it like a person and be sure that it is “playing well” and “speaking to” your target market.

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