You'll Never Guess Our Most Recent Date Location


The day before Valentine’s Day, my husband and I started talking about what we were going to do for Valentine’s Day.

One of the ways that we keep such a strong connection is through being intentional about making time for each other. I am also enjoy the way that we offer each other the opportunity to set the agenda - sometimes we co-plan, sometimes one of us takes the lead.

You can imagine my excitement when I asked the husband what he wanted to do and he said “let’s go to the craft store.” I had to double check to make sure he said the right thing lol.


He had brought all of this beautiful art from overseas that we needed to get frames for, as I prefer to frame my own art. Valentine’s Day and the following days were super busy so outside of exchanging words and kisses we didn’t have much time for anything else.

Well yesterday we celebrated our Valentine’s Day and made our way to Hobby Lobby and a lunch date at Olive Garden.

Hobby Lobby is my favorite craft store, particularly the one located in Orland Park, IL on 159th street, because of it’s size and all of the things it offers. You can find the following at Hobby Lobby:

  • Home Decor

  • Art

  • Craft Supplies

  • Frames

  • Faux Flowers

  • Planner & Paper Craft Supplies

  • Small Furniture (Accent tables, chairs, shelves, etc.)

  • Cute Gift Ideas (mugs, pouches)

  • Seasonal Decor (currently they have Easter, Spring and Light Summer stuff out)

You can usually find a 40% off coupon on their website, which we took advantage of to get 40% off of a $70.00 frame.


Outside of Hobby Lobby, I enjoy shopping at Homegoods for Home Decor, although they have less of a variety than Hobby Lobby, and the stores are much smaller.

If you’re looking to design your Home Office, Kitchen, a Child’s Room (boy or girl), a Man Cave, your outdoor space, or to shop for decor for an event you should be able to find everything you need at Hobby Lobby.

Shout out to the husband for stepping into my world. He had me laughing when he said “they have everything that you need in here.” It’s nice to know that after almost 9 years of marriage (our anniversary is coming up on 2/24), he is still open and curious and willing to participate in the things I care about.

I hope you guys enjoyed your Valentine’s Day festivities if you celebrate. Either way, sending you lots of love from our home and hearts to yours!

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