The Social Impactpreneur Training Course makes starting and running a nonprofit manageable.

No matter what phase you are in the idea phase, the pre-launch, or the recently launched, we will help you:

  • organize your ideas,

  • set and pursue the right goals at the right time and

  • create an infrastructure so that you can focus on making the impact you’d like to make.

Why should you join?

  • You have an idea for a nonprofit organization that keeps you up at night and nudges at your heart, but you have no idea where to start and how to turn your idea into a living, breathing organization. 

  • You’ve searched the internet and maybe even have talked to a few people and you are sick of getting the run-around.

  • You’re working in a job that you hate and would much rather devote your energy to having an impact. 

  • You work in the nonprofit sector or volunteer for an organization and you’re now ready to launch your dream organization. 

  • You have little to no money or resources, but the energy and the commitment to seeing your ideas through.

Why I created this class?

In order to reach the stage where I felt confident about my ability to start and run a nonprofit organization, I had to do the following:

  • Earn (and pay) A Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education

  • Teach for 12+ years in the Public School System

  • Participate in 3 Competitive Fellowships & Academies (Echoing Green, National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture Creative Leader and Crain’s Academy)

  • Survive multiple personal- and professional- crises

  • Be told “no” countless times by funders, partners and donors

  • Travel to other cities for workshops and conferences

  • Read countless books and articles

  • Offer pro-bono support to other organizations

  • Sit on advisory boards & councils

You can read more about my journey here.

As you can see this process was a very expensive, competitive, time-consuming, stress-filled and sometimes painful journey to learn the knowledge & skills necessary to create & run a successful nonprofit organization. I have poured everything that I’ve learned into this Social Impactpreneur Program because:

I have yet to come across a short term program that gives you EVERYTHING that you need to be successful

  1. I have yet to find a program that focuses on Social Entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds.

  2. Nonprofit Leadership should reflect the community that it serves.

  3. It shouldn’t be so hard to figure out how to make a difference in the way that you want to.

I decided to create what I wish existed! Pre-sales are happening now through October 31st, and all course content will be available on November 1, 2019!

Instructor Donnie Belcher provides a preview of the upcoming content + materials for the SocialImpactPreneur Training Class.

The full value of this course is $2,000.00!

Each module will include:

  • A Pre-Recorded Class 

  • Templates

  • Real-World Samples & Examples from other Nonprofit Organizations

  • Worksheets & Reflection Exercises 

  • Resource Recommendations (including software, articles, websites, etc.)

Save your time and energy for the work, and save money as the class is 30% off right now!

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