How To Create A Baby Scrapbook (Physical) + Webinar

How To Create A Baby Scrapbook (Physical) + Webinar


This 21 page guide includes:

  • Elements of a scrapbook page

  • Supply list with a detailed description of what to do with each supply

  • A list of artifacts and memorabilia to collect including medical bracelets, receipts and more

  • Recommendations on where to shop for supplies and materials

  • Over 50 layout ideas including 20 page templates that outlines what goes where on the page

The book also includes a link to a 47 minute Webinar that supports the content in the book for those who are more visual or auditory learners. This makes a great gift for new parents! NOTE: This is the physical copy of the book so you will not receive a digital copy to download but a hard copy. Please click the digital download version if you would like to download the book and either access it digitally or print it out on your own.

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