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the 2020 Vision Class will help you:

  • set goals in each area of your life,

  • learn how to connect the images on your vision board to your goals,

  • learn what you should do after you finish your vision board to actually make progress on your goals.

Who is this class for?

  • Those who are tired of the repetition and predictability of their lives.

  • Those who want to get different results next year.

  • Those who feel like Vision Boards don’t work for them or you haven’t had any success with them in the past.

  • You are tired of talking about your dreams and want them to be real.

Who I created this class?

  • Vision Boards have helped me to make impressive changes and improvements in my life.

  • My first Vision Board didn’t “work.” It wasn’t until I added extra steps BEYOND the board that I started to see things happen.

  • For the past two years I’ve taught Vision Boards and my students have made great progress. They’ve all asked for a LONGER class which is why I created this class as well as the Vibe Tribe.

  • I have always been addicted to helping people and Vision Boards are one of the “secrets” of many masters!

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Each Week Will Include:

(1) Pre-Recorded Slide Presentation (similar to this).

(2) Worksheets & Reflection Exercises (downloadable that you can print)

(3) Live Classes (where Donnie will share examples from her life w/ the occasional guest)

(4) OPTIONAL: The opportunity to present your Vision Board & get feedback & advice from other participants

(5) A List of Vision Board Supplies (including where to shop) with instructions on how to put the board together


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